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NINE STEPS TO A MINDFUL LIFE (Without Meditating) – Under The Lime Tree

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Looking for a sense of calm and empowerment in your life? By following these simple nine steps and their simple exercises you can change your life around. This book is for anyone looking for a fresh approach to life. Whether you are tired, anxious, stressed or just looking to explore a new ‘you’ Nine Steps to a Mindful Life (Without Meditating) will give you insights into how to achieve personal transformation. Just £9.99 (UK) or $9.99 (US). Published by Onefulness publishing. preview[2]




Want to beat stress, anxiety or depression? Looking for a new mindset for 2016?

I am joining with Mindfulness Leadership and Paddington Central to run the next 8 session Mindfulness course (MBCT) out of The Snug@PaddingtonCentral, as part of its Life. Work. Balanced  well-being programme.

The course starts  every Thursday evening for 8 weeks from MARCH 3 to APRIL 28, from 7-9pm. Saturday, April 16 is to be the quiet day of mindful silence that is traditionally held between week 6 and 7.

The venue for the course is The Snug@PaddingtonCentral, 19 Sheldon Square, W2 6EP  just behind Paddington Station & near Little Venice.

This course follows the traditional MBSR (Mindfulness bases Stress Reduction/MBCT Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy) programme, developed in this country by Dr Mark Williams from Oxford University, and head of Oxford Mindfulness Centre. Mark Williams has written the influential book Mindfulness: Living in A Frantic World which I recommend.

The course includes a mixture of ancient and modern style practices. There will be a series of Mindful exercises to do in between each session (up to an hour in time) to encourage you to establish the techniques for a long lasting mindful way of life and which will also help you develop an on-going meditation practice. I will assist you with any weeks you might have to miss during the programme.

Science-based research has found that a continuing practice can improve both overall well-being and, through observing CAT scans, it has a demonstrable beneficial effect on the brain. It is not just about stress reduction (MBCT is now recommended by NICE as part of a programme for depression) but is also shown to improve performance and resilience.

The course fee (£350) includes all material: a folder which will build up with written handouts each week and key meditations (to download or take away on memory stick) that you use at home.

Please Note: For any missed sessions I assist in helping you to catch up with relevant material for that week.

If you are interested in knowing more about Mindfulness and the next courses planned please email me on or or call me on 07961 357685


Life is about change. How to navigate these big and small moments confront us everyday. Sometimes we feel we are in control – other times it’s as though life’s waves are crashing around us.  Sometimes we set sail in a direction and find we are all at sea.

We start to ask ourselves those awkward questions: Who am I? What do I want? Where is my life going?

Our values, goals and aims seem to slip increasingly through our fingers and we lose confidence in our abilities and how to achieve our once cherished dreams. Suddenly our life is heading in the wrong direction and we can’t seem to steer it back on course.

I offer personal and professional mentoring, coaching and counselling, whether on a individual or corporate front.

Working together we can find a new momentum… a new mindset….a new you.

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