Mindfulness is the scientifically proven practice of taking back control of your mind and recognising how the power of deep personal awareness on a very fundamental level can bring huge benefits both personally and in the workplace.

It is making a huge impact on the western world since the advancement of MRI scans has shown that regular meditators demonstrate greater brain functions, improved blood pressure, heart rates and other signs of wellbeing.

Global companies like AOL, Google, General Mills and even the US Army who’ve pioneered Mindfulness techniques are reporting significant improvements across the board in performance, effectivity and even increased stock results. They have found, like all the top 2012 London Olympic medal winners that Mindfulness techniques can help you win.

I work with executives around the world and can train you how to enjoy the benefits of these ancient and modern techniques to help you improve your personal and executive capabilities.

I regularly run Mindfulness & meditation workshops and retreats, both in the UK and overseas. I particularly follow the MBCT 8 session programme developed in this country by Dr Mark Williams from Oxford University’s Oxford Mindfulness Centre, where I did my practitioner’s course.  Mark Williams has written the influential book, Mindfulness: Living in a Frantic World, which is a highly recommended practical guide to the topic. This course is also approved by NICE for clinical depression.

My next programme starts in Central London, Jan 12, 2015, 7-9pm, ending March 2. This will be the 8 session MBCT/MBSR Oxford style course with the traditional silent day on Sunday Feb, 22.

Please email me for further details and venues.