‘Lose Your Dreams And You Might Lose Your Mind…’ (Ruby Tuesday – Rolling Stones)

Who are you? What do you want? Where is your life going?

Sometimes when we face these big questions life can seem complicated and daunting. Our goals and aims seem to slip increasingly through our fingers and we lose confidence in our abilities and how to achieve our once cherished dreams. Suddenly our life is heading in the wrong direction and we can’t seem to steer it back on course.

I will help you regain confidence and discover through creative inspiration a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

I can offer counselling and psychotherapy and currently have a practice at Little Venice (West London), Ealing & Richmond and Central London. I have completed a post-graduate Diploma in the transpersonal integrative approach and have a specific interest in Jungian and Gestalt techniques, and Dreamwork Analysis(Waking Dream Technique).

I can work with specific issues including alcoholism & addiction, anger management, trauma, stress management, confidence building, relationships and divorce. I teach mindfulness and meditation, having been a yogi for more than 20 years.

Clinical work includes Early Intervention Service in Psychosis, running a Life After Psychosis Forum for young people, and an honorary Psychotherapist with Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, London

Professional bodies are the UKCP and BACP and I am on the register of counsellors and psychotherapists. I abide by their ethical code of conduct.

I am currently in training to be a clinical supervisor.